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    SL750 stalling out after high speed run?

    Hi guy's (oops and perhaps a gal or two)

    Just finished rebuilding (and rebuilding) my SL 750 front to back and top to bottom. After a few mistakes all is well. Part of the rebuild was the replacement of the single output pump to a triple.

    One last problem now though (that I think is because of the new 3 outlet fuel pump)? After a long wide open run if you get off the gas too quickly she will bog down and sometimes quite (like it's flooded). If you slow down gradually it does not happen. I would really appreciate any suggestions or thoughts on the problem?

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    Did you install the restrictor?
    How's your piston wash aftera WOT run?

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    Thanks for the reply.

    Yes I installed the restrictor that was in the return fuel line from the factory, should it be removed when upgrading to a tripple or perhaps made bigger?

    Piston wash looks good (shiny spots mostly near the exhaust ports).

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