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    2002 F12X no start

    I got a 02 F12X that spins over no start. Need some ideas to help me please! Checked all fuses physically, with a test light and DVOM. Pulled every connector and inspected pins for corrsion or damage. Fuel pump energizes for 2-3 seconds like it should. Replaced all 4 plugs with new. I have spark when turning engine over. Only warning is the low batt beep after cranking for 5 seconds. Replaced battery with brand new 18 aph one from West Marine and I am also using another new battery form my Polaris ski to assist. I can get engine to run/rev with B12 sprayed into turbo inlet, but engine will not run on its own. I have fuel pressure, unsure if its at proper spec, but with line disconnected, it blows past your thumb if you hold it over line. Screen looks okay on bottom of pump and has 10 gallons of fresh 91 octane unleaded in tank. I have 12volts at injectors, but I don't have a noid light to verify pulse and don't feel or hear a puls coming form them. Could the ECM cause this failure and not send a code (warning beep) to MFD? Is there a relay or connector at the root of my concern I could have missed? Since it runs on B12 it leads to belive either the fuel circuits have failed or all of my injectors are bad which throws me since I feel it would be rare all 4 would fail at once. Ski was properly stored inside a garage over the winter, but battery still died so this is my first go at starting it this year so I can ride. Ski only has 18 hours on it so it has been lightly used.....aaarrrgh!
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    Had same problem turned out was main relay at rear of ski hope this helps.

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    To me it sounds like you do not have injector pulse. check one injector wire with a test light it's two wire's if it is not flashing the ecm is bad or a bad crank trigger or cam sensors but the ecm may have a cold solder joint so crank the ski and bang the ecm if it's start's that is the problem! and do not forget to crank it when looking for injector pulse.

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    You have a bad ECU or a wiring issie.


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    Got my ski running. Wasn't electrical at all. After debating on purchasing a $750 ECU, I went back out and double checked every connector, wiring, everything....still wouldn't start.....decided to dead head pump by pinching off return line after the regulator, tried it....tried it again and voila! purred like a kitten! My guess is the regulator hung and was allowing fuel to circulate back to the tank and thus not allowing pressure to build...or that maybe the fuel pump had a bypass or something hung and the highpressure caused it to clear itself out.....I really am not sure.....but the ski runs and I put 6 hard hours on it today without a hiccup! Poured some Techron fuel cleaner in the tank for good measure...Thanks for the suggestions NitroShark, Jake Speed, and thegasman34

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    I have a 2005 F12 X that quit suddenly while riding at about 40-50 mph, ran fine before that, seemed it can't get the fuel?

    will try to do the same checks on it

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4tec View Post
    I have a 2005 F12 X that quit suddenly while riding at about 40-50 mph, ran fine before that, seemed it can't get the fuel?

    will try to do the same checks on it
    Probably a bad main relay.

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