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    Sea Doo GTI 1999 Help

    This is my first time posting something so if it s in the wrong place sorry.

    I am hoping someone could give me advice on my GTI.

    For some reason when i attach the key i do not get the two bleeps and there is no power to the ski.

    The Battery is working and fully charged. i have tried a different key with teh same Code and that does not work.

    Has anyone experianced this before and if so how did you get arround it.

    Cheers in advance

    Craig UK

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    Did you check the 5 amp fuse on the MPEM?

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    Thanks for the reply

    There is only four fuses and they are all fine.

    Any other ideas???

    Cheers for your help

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    Check all your ground connections

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    I have heard of the DESS plug on the ski it's self going bad before. When you mentioned the other lanyard has the same code, did also imply that after having this issue you had the dealer program a second lanyard? Or was that just a spare programmed one given to you when you bought the machine? If it's the latter of the two, I would suggest doing some meter tests with the plug part on the ski. It could just be as simple as not making contact with the lanyard either from a wire that went bad or just pulled out of the plug on the harness.

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    The lady who i bought the ski off has two as she teaches safety on them. She had both skis sone with same code and two keys.

    We have checked the connection on the DESS and its all seems to be working from that. We are registering 5 Volts to the DESS.

    I think you are right with the DESS Lossing its coding or just gave it its Job.

    I am going to bite the bullet and take it to a Ski Repaire center.

    Thanks for your help with this. Will let you know what it is for your referance.



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    For future reference if you install the wrong lanyard it will give you one long single beep. If programmed correctly, two beeps like you said. No beep means an electrical problem. Grounds, front cover plug on engine, and possibly MPEM. Had the ski been jump-started recently?

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    cat got your tung. still no reply and no info to speak to your mechanic.

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    Sorry no update.

    I have been to a funeral and away from PC for a week.

    Still not had time to look at the ski. As soon as i do i will advise the outcome.



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    All sorted Thank You

    Sorry its taken so long to get back on here.

    Just had ski in shop and its all fixed.
    165 pound later LOL

    It was the DESS post that had gone.

    anyway just wanted to let you all know.

    Cheers for everyone who offerd advice.

    to conform my experiance it may help others.

    The key worked one min and not the next for about a hour then it went all to gether no tone from any sea doo key.

    Hope this helps other people out



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