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Thread: lack of power

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    lack of power

    Engine starts up fine and idles good. Seems to run fine out of the water, i can get the motor to rev up to around 6000 RPM. when in the water at full throttle it will only rev up to around 3000 RPM at about 15-20 mph tops! I have check the coils seem ok new plugs has good spark. it is a 94 polaris SL 750 your suggestions would be appreciated!

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    Check compression fuel system and clean the carbs check the jet pump for wear and bearing condition.
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    Compression test that bad boy first. Post your results.

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    Yep, Compression check. Sounds alot like what mine was doing with a hole in the piston. How does the engine sound while starting / running. should be a nice crisp na na na na na na na na while cranking. I was lucky enough to have my friends right beside me, and the difference was so obviuos. Just doesn't sound right.

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