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    Oil Seal / Flame Arrestor Help

    Can anybody give me a hand, I'm halfway through putting my ski back together and have to stop to order more parts. The two oil seals that go on both sides of the cylinder that your power valve fly wheel slides through is what's hanging me up. I had to replace a cylinder and the old seals are shot. How to you go about putting them in correctly? I have a 2003 GP1300 by the way.

    Second question, I'm getting an after market flame arrestor to replace my giant black ball and am not sure which will work. I was going to stick with Riva to get all of this ordered ASAP. The only flame arrestor I saw on there was 90.00. Is that my only option?

    Thanks in advance.

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    The oil seal installation is covered in the manual. Use grease when installing.

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