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Thread: 98 xpl starting

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    98 xpl starting

    hi im pretty new here and to the whole pwc industry.
    I have a 98 xp limited 951cc engine. it seems as though the starter keeps on cranking over, and the engine doesn't start. It will eventually start after about 3 minutes of on and off starting with the choke pulled all the way. Is there a way I can fix this or is it just because it's 10 years old.


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    With a well-tuned 951, three pulls on the accelerator pump and it fires up.

    Check that the original grey fuel lines are there and search on "fuel line replacement".

    -Use Advanced Seach and look only in SD 2 stroke section.

    Welcome to GH

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    I have the grey fuel lines, however they were just cleaned out by the dealer before it was taken out this year. Is there something else wrong with them?

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    I've actually never heard of anyone "cleaning out the fuel lines" before. The problem with those lines is that they deteriorate internally and plug up the carb and filter screens. If you do a search as mentioned about the XP fuel lines you will find that it is the most common reccomendation to change before anything else. Unfortunately to say, if the dealer claims to have cleaned the fuel hoses...I would be skeptical that he's just trying to push the unit out the door. As mentioned, it's the first time I've ever heard something like that before.

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    how hard is it to do on your own. do i have to take the engine out at all or is it relatively simple? also any web resources that you have about it would be appreciated

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    No need to take engine out. Just follow each hose and replace. Think of it as replacing 15 garden a tiny little space.

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    how do i empty the fuel system, just turn off the gas on the selector and run it till it dies, or is there another way?

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    Usually the lines will back drain into the tank when it has been sitting for a few days. It's not uncommon to spill a little fuel in the hull when changing out lines...just keep as much open air space to the engine compartment you can to let the fumes out. It's a very easy process it just takes time. If you wanted to get really fancy you could replace all the stupid factory clamps with nice little stainless gear clamps...or what I did was use some good quality zip-ties.

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    thanks for all the help. I think one day that I have time I'll switch out the lines. Besides the gas lines, is there any other reason it could be taking such a long time to start? I'm afraid that i might burn out my starter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hipv323 View Post
    thanks for all the help. I think one day that I have time I'll switch out the lines. Besides the gas lines, is there any other reason it could be taking such a long time to start? I'm afraid that i might burn out my starter.
    Yes, the carbs need disassembling and cleaning. There is an internal filter screen in each carb, and the accelerator pump orifices are clogged too by the symptoms you describe.

    To start it without burning up the starter: Pump the throttle 4 times, pull choke out full, crank engine over for 3 seconds, pump throttle again 4 times, repeat until she starts. Most of the time it will start in 3 attempts this way...after sitting 3-4 weeks unused.

    Pumping the throttle uses the accelerator pumps to prime fuel into the carbs, making it start quicker. Grinding on the strater (holding down on the button for longer than 3 seconds) will burn one up quickly.

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