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    WTB Stator and CDI assembly

    I need a stator and CDI assembly for a 96 1050 SLTX as cheap as I can get it. Preferrably an updated unit complete with diagram

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    I have two or three stators. you have part number? they were swapped out and the problem turned out to be something else.

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    I'll see if I can find out

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    Smile need help in oklahoma

    Quote Originally Posted by The Wayniac View Post
    I have two or three stators. you have part number? they were swapped out and the problem turned out to be something else.
    i need one also and a coil pack also maybe a cdi


    its for a 1996 sltx
    ????? cdi
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    I'm slammed at my part problem. Since I can't get a stat assem. Anyone want to buy a POS polaris with a new engine?
    If I could get it running for 5 minutes, I could let someone borrow it long enough for it to get destroyed. I have insurance for that

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    Quote Originally Posted by charley View Post
    ... Since I can't get a stator assembly....
    What part number(s) were you looking for?

    Did you contact the parts guys, like John Zigler?

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    value is high 1200 $ i dont think that would be in your best intrest , i go a original cdi i could sell ya , then you could surf ebay for a stator ,

    and the update kits cost around 340 $ not to bad of price when every body else wants 70-125 for a cdi and 100+ for a stator ,

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    Udate kits.

    I have them in stock... $350.00 [email protected]

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    There is only one Polaris dealer within 100 miles (Alexander City Al) of here and they will not even discuss a polaris ski part. They actually told me they couldn't get them anymore, which at that point I believed them and had all but given up until I heard about GreenHulk. Then I get hooked up with Prochamp and he got me the CDI from Polaris which instantly melted when I installed it. It melted mainly because there was a short in my electrical box, but Prochamp thought he may could get the box or a stator assembly at a good price because Polaris decided to change the once long grey wire on the old CDi into a brown wire on my new unit (must have been a sale on brown wire) without informing me and they (POlaris) also packaged the new unit in a way where it looked like they hoped it would break.
    Now, Prochamp won't return my calls or emails because he is either sick, on vacation or feels too bad to tell me that there is nothing he can do to help me.
    The fact of the matter is I installed the CDI, knowing the risk and it burnt up. Its my fault and I know it. Just sell me what I need without raping me and I'll be fine
    But to tell me to run down to my local Polaris dealer and order me up some parts is like telling a man dying of thirst lost in the middle of the desert to run down to the local water store and get him something to drink.
    I had less trouble ordering parts for my 63 Studebaker.
    But right now I'm stuck with this boat and would like to at least get it fixed enough to sell and would love it if there was a dealer who was a member of GreenHulk that would be willing to take a couple of minutes, determine the Stator and CDI that I need for a 96 SLTX 1050 and make me a fair price

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    Your the guy I called who told me you didn't have a CDI but could program one if I found it for $100. You gave a number of someone you knew to call (which that guy didn't have one either) and was the guy that refered me to GreenHulk site. Randy, right? or was it Randy that you told me to call, I can't remember. I appeaciate your help back then and the tip about Greenhulk, but why were you holding out on me?

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