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    97 xp 800 starts once then locks up!

    I have rebuilt a 97 xp 800, It will start and run good but if it dies or I shut it off, the starter will just kick in and out when trying to restart. Could it be a tight engine or valve timing. Also it was bored .5 over what should the carbs be set to to compensate for the larger volume!



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    Bad starter or bad ground cable or bad battery or all of the above.

    Take spark plugs out & you should be able to turn motor by hand (easily) at the rear flywheel this will check to see if you have any drag.

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    Dan, do you have any drag????

    the carbs are fine as they are, the smaller volume of air pulling in will naturally pull in the proper amount of fuel. don't worry.

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    check the starter

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    Quote Originally Posted by phantom68 View Post
    check the starter
    amen the bendix on SD/starters goes bad and wont stay engaged it kicks in and out,>Marvin

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