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    98 SLTH Starting ISSUE!!! PLS Help

    I am new here and I have a 98 SLTH I got not running, the motor cranks but won't fire unless I give it extra amps, the battery is new, the compression is good, getting fuel, and obviously getting spark with more juice, what should I check and what is common on these? any help would be appreciated.

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    Hi donr,Welcome to Green Hulk!
    Sounds as if the new battery is not strong enough.
    The ignition system needs more than 10.5 volts while cranking( If I remember corectly) in order to start.
    Check the battery voltage when cranking,if the battery doesn'y supply enough,get a stronger battery,or it may just be a bad battery.

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    For sure check the voltage at the battery posts during cranking with a multi-meter. Absolute minimum is 10.6 volts, and it really should measure 11 volts or better if the battery is healthy.

    If the battery voltage is high enough, and it still won't start with just its own battery, then remove, check for corrosion and clean ALL the battery cables, both ends, including the engine ground and the starter cable from the solenoid.

    Reassemble, and put some Nyogel type dielectric grease on the connections to keep them protected from moisture.

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    okay so i load tested the "new" battery and it was no good, I have another one on a slow charge right now and am cleaning all cable ends to be on the safe side, i'll let you know how i make out tomorrow, and thanks for the quick responses.

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