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    1996 SLX 780 engine

    I have an engine that snapped a rod and destroyed a piston and the block. Two of the cylinders are still good with matching pistons. The third cylinder is good but will need a sleeve because when the rod broke it snapped part of the dog ears off the bottom of the sleeve where it goes into the block. As far as I can tell the crank is still good. I don't see any dings and it spins inside the engine case. I'm located outside Dallas. I would like to get $200 for everything. I am also putting the exhaust manifold with it because it won't fit my 750 replacement engine. I will ship it but I'm not sure of the cost. I've used DHL with great and cheap results.

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    do you still have the engine and can i see pics, shipping to 60002

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    Did you measure compression in good cylinders? I'm looking for 2 780 complete sets (cylinder with matching piston and head) with compression about 140 PSI.

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