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    Boat Recommendations?

    My friend's family bought a Seadoo Islandia and have had nothing but problems and so now they are looking at getting rid of it next year and getting a different boat. Any suggestions or any companies to stay away from

    I can tell you one thing, it won't be a Seadoo. He was looking at a VIP because our friend has one and he likes it but its new so we don't know about reliability... also looking at Mastercraft

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    I have a Crownline LPX Special Edition. It has been perfect. Had to replace the insides of the water pump once but that is because I didn't replace it before hand like I should have. Can run hard all day and sips the gas when putting around the lake. I would say the boat is put together very nice and is a step above a VIP.

    Mastercrafts are also great boats but I wouldn't buy one if I wasn't into a board sport or slalom skiing.

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    we have a rinker 226 captiva..

    its a nice boat.. i like it a lot..

    What are they going to use it for? I know a guy that just bought a wakeboard boat with heater vents to wakeboard in the morning.. and another guy that has a 38ft searay...

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    Your family would probably have a great time with a 38 foot TOP GUN... Atleast I know my family would...

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