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    93 Polaris SL750 Help Required

    I have not used my PWC in many years. I removed the spark plugs and found a thick yellow/Orange gew inside. I pulled the engine and removed the cylinders to expose the crank, and it was just filled with the stuff. Questions are:
    1) What is this yellow/orange stuff? Water and oil mixture? How does water get into the crank and cylinders? Broken seals? Misuse?
    2) Do I need to remove the crank to clean? Can I just use water to clean out and make sure it is dry to avoid rust?
    3) Do I need to fill the engine case with oil? It is oil injected.

    I am located in Toronto, Ontario. Anyone know of any good places to find spare parts if needed, seals and gaskets?


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    Mike, orange goo isn't good. Sounds like rust. If there was water inside the case and froze, chances are the case is cracked and water penetrated the engine. First try to spin the crank by hand, if it's not smooth, you may be in trouble.

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    I got the crank out today, bearings are smooth, not a hint of rust. I'm thinking it's a water oil combination... The real problem is how did it get there? It is possible that at some point a turned water on to cool engine before starting. Apparently that can get water to back up...

    Thanks for your reply. Also though, there was no gasket on the crank casing... Is that normal?

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