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    93 XP has swapped motor will not run

    ok hey im new here, and im haveing trubble with this ski i just got 3 days ago,
    im kind of new to jetskis but im not mechanically inclined,
    i know my way around pretty good i work on cars for a living,
    so im not totally stupid lol

    ok so here is my problem

    got a 93 Xp,
    and from what i found out it has a swapped motor in it, has a single carb
    it runs for 20 sec and shuts off,
    i took apart the electical box and the wires from the magneto are spliced in with everything to work,

    i took the purple wire off what i think is the rev limiter or something
    it has 3 wires purple, black , brown,

    the purple wire i can put power to it and the ski will run all day long but all the guages and everything shut down after 20 sec,

    and from what i understand the MPEM will shut down the ski if it does not see it running,

    i got some wiring diagrams for it and there is a red wire and a white wire coming from the magneto that i do not know if they are in the right spot or not,

    i think that is my problem

    ohh and it does not have the coil in the electronic box like it is suposto,

    the motor looks exactly like my 91 SP motor, with the plug wires coming out of the magneto housing box thing,

    i need some help please if anybody can help, thanks a lot

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    maybe somebody cobbed the 91 ignition box onto a 650 engine? i saw a vertical 800 with a 91XP ign housing on it. in fact i'll be getting it set up for the guy in the next week or so.

    you got pics? might help.

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    im pretty sure its an older motor, i will try and get some picks up,

    and im pretty sure its still the xp electrical box,
    this is the XP

    this is the electrical box

    this is the motor

    this is the SP motor and electrical box

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    ok well i got it,

    took out the black box whatever that is

    took the red and white wires hooked them together and hooked them to the white wire on the MPEM and she is off and running

    so im off to the lake to see if she works

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