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    Lightbulb Mods for my ski for speed what can i do?

    Hey what sup im new ive been tryin but i am really new at this i have a n 06 Gp 1300r and im trying to get more top speed out of it what can i do specifically to increase my speed i know that right now Im abusing the 07 and 08 Ultra 250 ski but I want to get it faster I was racing the new 08 RXT and it was like 30ft ahead of me the whole time

    What can I do I have nothing specific on my ski other than a Riva EFI free flow and a riva Ride plate and the sponsons by riva as well its basically a stage I kit help me out please

    Extend a nozle i dont know anything will help


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    this should help you.

    Welcome to the forum!!

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    there are tons of threads on what to do for more speed. There are actually 3-4 stickys on top of this page. check them out. Ronn25 also had a good thread i think it was called "mods and speeds" or something. check that out.
    Or to make it easy look up and buy the following
    reinforce your tunnel 165$ in online store
    intake grate R&D or Riva (same thing) ~125$ in online store
    Have your head milled by Jim ~100$(you would also need an efi controller - there is a sticky about that too. they are 365$ in online store)
    14/20 prop ~200$
    WFO keyway 3 or 4 degree
    VF3 reeds 450-500$
    D-plate 60$ online store
    gut your stock airbox - free
    rideplate modification. biggest bang for you buck. Jim FF or IR mod 4 look it up
    seal your pump shoe (aka pump plug kit or ppk) there is a how to thread on this
    Use the search key and do lots of reading
    anything u buy in online store use coupon code "greenhulk" to save 10% on riva or r&d

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