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    Polaris 94 Sl750 and 95 Sl750

    I had two set in my lap, the 95 was running great the 94 seems to have the oh so common fuel pump issue with a possible burnt 3rd cylinder but I am not sure. I have a couple questions....
    1) Other than the Mikuni 3line fuel pump, are there any other that we can cross reference against? No one in my area carry's Polaris stuff and I hate waiting online.
    2) The 95 started stalling out almost as if it has water in it, the inside is dry and the separator looks clean. It will run for 20 second and stutter occassionaly dying. I brought it in so I don't do any damage. Any ideas (other than the 3 line fuel pump, I am doing that this weekend or Monday).
    3) It is 1/4" tube I assume?
    4) The polaris manual says to use the 7es but I have read on hear to use the 9 or 8es's, does anyone know the diff
    erence and do they have to be gapped differently
    5) I lifted the flame arresstor off and it appears to be nothing underneath but open carb intakes? Is there supposed to be a screen or filter?

    I have read soooo many articles that it has gotten confusing at this point.


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    Correct Plug is BPR8ES by NGK gapped @ .028

    DO a Compression check first on all 3 cylinders all cylinders should be within 10 lbs of each other, and on most guages at least 120 lbs. Guages will differ so if there close, but all the same ,it should be good to go

    If these PWC have been sitting then stop trying to use them until you pull the carbs and clean them and check the internal filters.Make sure to check all the FUEL and OIL injection lines to make sure they are not cracked or broken and leaking.

    Make sure you drain all the old gas, and start with fresh new gas, and New Plugs!

    Make sure all 3 cylinders have spark at the plug and then try and fire it again

    Good Luck


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