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    water hook up 95 xp

    hey guys, I want to hook up a hose to run my ski out of the water. where do i connect the hose to make sure it is getting where it is supposed to. I have read to start the ski and then turn on the hose and shut the hose off before the ski and this will prevent the water from going into the engine. is there a special connector I need? thanks!!!

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    There should be a hook-up on one of the Cooling Lines going to the Head for the Flush Adapter. If there isn't, this is the Kit you need:

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    Here's a posting I put up a little while ago for making a flush kit. I can't see there being much difference between the hose set up on your engine compared to mine.

    Take 96XPSS's advice though and add a little line to the kit so a small amount of water will run onto the carbon ring. I figured out why I didn't ruin mine...I was cleaning the hull out before running it so I soaked the inside bottom with some spray nine and filled it a little with water...gave it some time to really soak in there. I must have added enough to keep my carbon ring alive

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    I am bit confused on this. If I have to pinch the left side of the hose--why can't I just cut the end off the garden hose and clamp the rubber to the head and pump it in that way? Where is this carbon ring you are talking about and how do you get water to it? Thanks.

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    you can just run hose to the inlet of the head, but don't crank the hose open, i use a pond pump and that's plenty. fire the ski, start your whatever.....cut off water and shut down ski.

    carbon ring is no problem for 15-20 seconds like winterizing or chekcing things out like recharging fuel system after cleaning, but if it's going to run for minutes you'll need to dump a gallon or two of water in the bottom, which is easier than making a separate pisseer......of course the pto will sling water everywhere, lol. maybe the carbon ring pisser is a good idea...although the flow won't have any way to get out and will fill the hull if you run long enough. you could just pull the boot back and touch a little dab of grease to the carbon and then it wouldn't get very hot....

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    I ran it for a couple of minutes because I read in the manual that was fine, but I didn't see anything about the carbon ring. Could this ring be damaged now and how would I know if it was? Where is the carbon ring located? Thanks for the info.

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    I don't think the ring would get damaged from just a minute or two of run time, I could be wrong...XPSS would know better. But to find the carbon ring just remove the gray cover with the two plastic wing-nuts attached to the engine on the propshaft side. Remove the cover and under it you will see a coupler with a grease fitting and a rubber boot, then propshaft, and further down is the carbon ring with another rubber boot clamped onto it.

    Everyone will have thier own way of rigging up a flush kit, 96XPSS mentioned blocking off the rear line because it will help push more water towards the head. Without blocking it off it just won't have as much cooling. But when I ran mine with the set-up just as it is the head and exhaust stayed cool enough to touch the whole time. I let it go for a half an hour. Just keep in mind though, that carbon ring needs cooling too or will crack or possibly fragment to pieces. Carbon is very hard but also brittle, heating it up without cooling it, makes it that much easier to break.

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    thanks Schwarz, what does this ring do? Thanks again for the info.

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    the carbon ring makes up the seal where the driveshaft goes thru the hull.
    and the reason for the friction is the carbon ring part of the seal stays stationary and the stainless (which is attached to the shaft)ring rides on the face of the carbon ring allowing the driveshaft to turn. when the ski is in the water the carbon ring stays wet thus cooling it.....

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    Does it get wet from the water outside the ski or from inside the hull? If it is damaged, would the ski be leaking water into the hull? thanks.

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