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    Bleech or Rubbing Alcohol on the hull paint finish??

    Hey again guys, ok first of all strangely enough out of 25 different products I tried to get the tree sap off my seats and hull (97 sltx)--nothing touched the sap on the seats until my mom walked out with bleech and took a towel soaked with it and wiped it across the seat it took off like 50% of the black burned in black sap spots, so we soaked the seats in bleech for about 15 minutes and the seats cleaned up like 75%. Then we used some vinyl cleaner/ conditioner and magic eraser and scrubbed for 30 minutes and they clened up fairly nice, not perfect but pretty nice.

    Ok i said all that to say there was also this black sap sponge textured stain all over the whole ski that wouldnt come off even with rubbing compound, but i tryed some bleach on the white hull finish and it wiped off like 75% of the black residue and didnt seam to hurt the finish or remove any clear coat shine that was still there even with the black residue all over the hull (I know weird deal) anyway i then tryed rubbing alcohol over the same area and it became very clean very quick and when it dried it allmost looked like it took off a thin layer through the clear coat finish. Now it looks like it would wax-polish right back up just fine (maybe) so any thoughts or experience on bleech/ rubbing alcohol on the hull or more importantly on the decals?? will they fall off--will the hull shine back up or will it ruin the clear coat finish?? PICS below kinda hard to see but maybe they will help!!
    The first one you can see more clearly the results of where the rubbing alcolhol really cleaned but it kinda looks like it cleaned right through what was left of the clear coat. The second pic you can kinda see the black sap, mold, mildew, dirt staind stuff--whatever it is, the clean spot is where a id number sticker was that we removed, you can see how it should look.
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    Out of the 25 things you tried, was any of them a product called "Gel-Gloss"? Comes in a violet/pink rectangular can...found at many hardware stores, retail like Walmart or auto stores. If not, give it a's a cleaner and polish at the same time...great stuff.

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    havent used yet but got a good reputation in michigan with dealers

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    Thanks guys i might have to try both of those products and see if they work on my problem,

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    I can tell you that if the sap is less than 7 days old, normal store bought 93% isopropyl will take it right off. i used it on the mats of my RXPX. i try not to use solvents on my gelcoats cuz it strips off the wax i so lovingly apply, lol.

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    If it did take some of the clear off,all you can do is rub it out,If you have a buffing wheel and some light machine cut rubbing compound,have at it.You should see the shine come back.

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