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    Jims Open Loop Plate on my X !!

    What a major difference a real plate can make! I gotta tell you I never thought having more hull outta the water would feel more stable but I gotta tell ya it sure feels that way to me! Jims plate has got me 75.8 on the seat in hostile conditions with minimal mods. riva grate, jaws prop, rear air, block offs, its a testament IMO that if you spend the money on the right parts you get what you pay for. I can only imagine what my boat is capable of once the weather breaks and I can get some better passes in. This is a must buy mod IMO for any X owner.

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    Nice report.

    So how hard is the conversion to open loop and what about the plate install. Just wondering if needs to be a winter project or not.
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    Sound impressive..What ur previous speed #?

    Any overstuff or bucking issues?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FreakRXP1200 View Post
    Sound impressive..What ur previous speed #?

    Any overstuff or bucking issues?
    If I'm not mistaken when Sam called me with the results, Before the open loop plate and impeller he was at 71 mph. and with the open loop plate and impeller installed at the same time he is 75 plus mph.
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    Jim's plate gives doubt about it!

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    So that's a gain of 4mph total. What from the plate and what from the prop?

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    how dificult was the conversion. Im seriously thinking about having Jim do mine. The only reservation I have is that my best buddy up the lake(Sundance) has issues with leaks. Do you think I may have the same issues????

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    the plate install was a breeze, i dont really see how an open loop plate could leak. maybe he has a closed loop plate?

    as far as the openloop install went it could easily be done in a few hours, i drug it out and took a couple days

    i was going before the plate and the prop, i feel either would give 4 by themselves, with the pair i picked up right at 6. without a doubt jims plate is one of the most effective mods period! air intake, grate, prop, jims plate, 76 on the seat. its a no brainer.

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    What is ur prop?

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    time to drill holes or risk death by water injection up your butt hole when you skip doggie style down the lake.

    I'm serious.

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