Guys, my neighbor brought a GTX (94-or 95) back with him from leave. We tried to roll it over but would not crank, got stuck. So we removed the pump thinking that the bearings might be sticking. Off came the pump and drive shaft????? Is that supposed to happen???? So then we took off the head and boy oh boy alot of corosion guess the guy before him road in the ocean and did not flush it after each ride. So the pistons look good and the head does too just need to get the corosion out of there. We are plannning on pulling the engine and doing our own rebuild. Thing is it is a 649 X on the data plate so does anyone have a rebuild kit with new rings and o-rings and such??? also the rear two motor mounts are broken, rubber came off the plate, so we need two of those and a flame resistor. Who has parts adn such for this??? maybe some of you have a few things we can get. Thanks.