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    2006 GP1300R oil consumption problem???

    I am new to this site and just purchased a '06 GP1300R. This is my first pwc and it has about 15hrs on it. My question is about oil consumption, I have gone through about a tank and a half of gas but the oil tank hasnt changed much. Is this normal for the oil consumption to be so low? Thanks

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    Welcome to the board!
    Yes, this is normal...
    you will use oil at a faster rate when cruising at higher RPM`s, and less when cruising at lower RPM`s... you should always check the level before every ride (with ski level on trailer). and add as necc after a few rides...
    pour slowly, a little at a time so it doesn`t back-up on ya and make a mess...
    Enjoy your GPR!

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    a 2006 should go through about 3-4 tanks of fuel per tank of oil......roughly.

    the injected ski's are so much better on oil then the old carb ones...

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