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    WTB: Riva XLT Freeflow exhaust...

    Anyone have one?? 2001 XLT 1200

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    got one

    well, its the whole rubber tube

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    Does anyone know who makes the full rubber one? I've seen a couple people call it a Riva, but I've never seen anywhere where Riva made a full rubber one for the XLT.

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    Free Flow

    Riva used to make them, part # RY1619 . They do not have it in their catalog anymore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by XL1200Ltd-Keith View Post
    Riva used to make them. They do not have it in their catalog anymore.
    They used to make the full rubber one? I know they made the metal insert part (RY1619-1)....

    Do you happen to know the part number for the full rubber?


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    I just bought a riva one here in the UK, now I got it, would have made one if I'd known - even tho I was told on here how easy it was

    You need 90 dia ali pipe 3mm (or so, but enuff so it does not crush) thick, cut into two sections, 4 and 6 inch.. Then use your rubber hose from the water box, remove, from the bend measure 6 inches and cut at 90 degrees. there are diagrams on the web to show which end to measure and cut the hose from

    Put the long section on the water box, add the 6inch section, add the cut off piece of pipe, add the 4 inch section join to zorst outlet using original jubilees. WHole job took me 1/2 hour and let's just say spanners aren't my best friend

    Dont use any silicone or sealant. To help the hose on the pipe, make sure it is filed smooth and I used washing up liquid to assist as it was a tight fit.

    I know this is in the wrong section (sorry) but wanted to share about saving a or two.

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