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    1997 stx900 starting issues

    i just purchased a 1997 stx900 and i cant get it to start, i hooked a battery up and it wont even crank, the starter just clicks, the engine will move a little like it wants to crank, i think the pistons may be seized but i was just wandering if anyone else has had the same problem. also does this model take a key or do you just turn the knob onto the on position, i dont know much about jet skis, this is my first one????

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    Well there are several things that could cause this.

    The first place I would start is with the battery. Make sure that it is fully charged and ALL of the cable connections are tight and clean. Don't forget to check the ground cable connection to the engine block.

    Next, i would remove the spark plugs and see if it turns any easier.

    It could be an engine seizure or a problem with the pump causing extra stress o the engine.

    OR, it could just be a week starter.

    Do a little digging and report back. Then we will go from there.

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    ok i narrowed it down i believe, i pulled the motor and got the pistons to turn so i know its not locked up but now i cant get the driveshaft connected to the jet pump to turn, so does that mean my jet pump is locked up?

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    Sounds like it. Take a flash light and look in the pump and see if there is anything stuck in there like a rock or piece of wood.

    If not, its probably bad bearings.

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    ok if i need new bearings i can get them but if that doesent fix it what different models have the same pump, i have a zxi900, will that pump interchange?

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    i pulled the jet pump out and the bottom of it is crushed, it looks like water got in there and froze causing it to crush up around the propellar, would a pump out of another model work in mine?

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