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Thread: 1996 zxi900

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    1996 zxi900

    I recently purchased a 96 zxi 900, it runs and everything but the trim works on and off, sometimes it will work other times it wont, i checked the fuses and everything but i was wandering what could be causing this?

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    Those skis have a bad problem with water traveling back through the trim cable housing and filling the trim box. As you can imagine, this water intrusion causes a lot of corrosion and damage.

    You can take the trim box apart and check/clean the components and give everything a light coat of WD-40.

    Hope this helps. Let us know what you find.

    Oh ya, welcome to the Green Hulk!!!!

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    Here is what mine looks like inside. In another post some said you can replace the components instead of buying the whole thing. Does anyone know what parts to clean or which go wrong? The motor or other stuff?

    I took the connectors apart and tried cleaning them and I put dielectric grease on them but got nothing after putting back together.

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