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    sl750 dies out in turns then takes off

    Took my 93 sl750 out today after replacing piston,rings,new high volume fuel pump,checked timing,changed fuel lines,rebuilt carbs,and cooling system.The ski ran good after I finally got it running in the water,after about 15 minutes started dying out in right and left turns and then taking off in the straights.Oh the carbs are set to ls 1full turn out and the hs 1 1/4 turn out seemed good in the staights but like I said in the turns dies.Then finally not running at all.Took ski home and put new plugs in it and it fired right up.I've gotten real good at rebuilding cylinders since this is the second time.My question is are the carbs not ajusted right I wanted to be safer then sorry and rather foul out the plugs then rebuild the cylinder again.Any suggestions please help????????

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    Is your gas low?

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    Sice this is your second rebuild, have you done a leak down test?

    It appears you've taken precaution to prevent further issues, but if you're sucking air from a gaskets or crank seal, it'll do you no good.

    Your carb settings are listed in the tech section under Fuji carburetor.

    If you're not low on fuel, like Goliath suggests, you may be running lean.

    Get your screws adjusted to stock and see where you're at.

    Also get a look at your piston domes for a wash pattern. All black means your running lean. You want a fingernail sized "clean" spot next to each intake port.

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