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    water box yamaha 1200xl

    I have a 1999 yamaha 1200xl and inside the water box is iguess is some kind of noise packing and it is just bounsing around in side the pipe it is starting to break apart can i just take it out ? thanks for the help

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    if you gut the box on the 1200 they sound like crap, and the public will hate you. Best to grab a second hand one and replace it.

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    untill i find one can i use the ski with it just bouncing around?

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    Ive got one for sale. 100 shipped. let me know if u want it!

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    I don't really know much about waverunners this is my first ski and just got it in may and the oil injct line came off #3 cyl and trashed it, so i got a new motor from sbt and put the oil block off on it and while putting it back togather i came across this pipe that i am calling the water box this part of the pipe sits above the carbs and has a sensor going into it. this has the packing in it and thats what in bouncing around in their. thank again for the help guys.

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    The pipe above the carbs is the stinger pipe. Its probably your cat-con. You should take it out and make sure you get it all out and put in a d-plate w/ sensor.

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    Cat debris in exhaust

    Make sure you check the water box and silencer after the stinger! Those pieces can lodge in all those things. If something still in there u may get a high temp alarm. Hope this helps!

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    there is no way you broke anything inside teh waterbox. Like these guys said, its almost definately a part of your cat rattling around.

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    Catalytic Converter break-up

    When our catcon broke up pieces of it lodged inside the water box (silver muffler looking thing that has baffles in it located back behind the electrical panel in the battery compartment).

    Just to clarify guys....
    I'm boored today...................

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