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    Question Why Am I Boggin Down???

    I need your help again. When im at idle and I pin it it just boggs. And when I cut really sharp to the right it boggs but not to the left. What could this be? And sometimes when im just cruzin it will bog for just a second. Its a 2001 GP1200R. Well I got out the gps today and after a few runs I finally hit 61. But I didnt have ideal conditions, im in salt water, and I had alittle chop and boats going by every once in a while and when I would just get up to speed I would hit some boat waves so I think when I have ideal conditions it should be alittle higher(hopefully). Its bone stock. Thanks again,

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    this is pretty common with a stock ski

    most of us change the jetting on the carbs and that will fix this problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by WATER WOODY View Post
    I tryed to pull that thing out last time I had it in the driveway but I couldnt even get it off the top of the tank. It would not budge. I loosened the hose clamp and I just could not get it off.

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