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    O-Rings on Triples leaking....

    I suddenly lost about 300 rpms today. I could not find anything wrong on the water but after I got home it looks like the orings are leaking on the front pipe. I know they are very important but could they have caused such a rpm loss????

    The midrange was a bit softer than normal but the noticeable difference was the top end rpms....

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    Anytime you get exhaust leaking in the hull,it gets sucked in through the carbs and will cause rpm loss.

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    I hope the front pipe can be pulled back far enough to replace the orings without messing with the center pipe. Dont know but I will try. This has to be the problem. It ran great early in the day and I noticed the longer I rode the softer it got. It has good compression so it cant be that, unless the crank is out of phase.

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    You could have pulled the seat back and ran it to get some fresh air into the hull to see if your rpm's came back.You need to fix the seal right away before the pipe starts to wear the manifold.A warn manifold makes it even hard for new seals to work properly.

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    Thats what I was thinking after your first post but I didnt know what was happening at the lake to try that. Did I mention it was the hottest day of the summer!?

    Its always something with this cursed GPR!

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    I remember another thing. After it started running poorly on two different runs it regained the rpms and ran great but on the next run it slowed down again. Once it started to scream then just died back down...

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    Orings will not cause that problem.

    Check your rear pipe for cracks.

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    Im afraid of that but the back pipe is a brand new one. As luck would have it I have another brand new pipe for each cylinder but if it is cracked this soon after the other one that happened at Mudbug then I am out. Factory pipe is warranting the pipes right now but for how long??? I dont see how they can keep doing this. This is not there fault in my opinion. I have ran the Factory Pipes on the Ultra triple without any problem for years. You mean to tell me they built those pipes better!

    What kind of look would I get in the cylinder with water leaking??? The last time it just hyrdolocked on me.

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    -If the water isn't going in the cylinder, you won't get an indicator.
    -If you have the rear pipe hitting or touching anything, it will continue.
    -Use the upgraded springs to prevent the orings from eating themselves.
    -Pressure test your pipes, in the hull. No need to pull them.
    -You might be able to get those orings on there. You will have to take off all the brackets, including the middle pipe springs and move it down, and out.

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    pressure test

    I usually pressure test them in the hull but those water hoses underneath the pipes are hard to get to but it can be done.

    I dont think that is the problem. Or at least I hope not. I cant find any sign of water anywhere. I will check them to be sure and replace the Orings. For some reason I feel like it is a carb problem. I will pull them and check them also for something lose or broken. Then check the return line to make sure something hasnt clogged the jet. I should know something in a few minutes.

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