I had a supercharger built a few weeks ago with riva washers and a rotax high boost wheel. After it sitting in my room for awhile I decided to install it today. The day started off with some riding.....I bought a gps yesterday and me my friend and my cousin all with rxp's 2 06's and 1 08 gps'd our stock skis. All turning around same rpms 7740 - 7880 the best speeds we got was on the 08 with a 250lbs @ 65.2. My ski did 64.4 and my cousins ski did 64.8 Seems kinda low speeds but the air temp was like 95 with high humidity and the water temp on the dash said 84. Do those speeds sound right? This is at sea level in brakish water. 3 skis running within 1mph of each other what do you guys think? Afterwards I pulled my ski out of the water and changed the blower. I only rode it for about 5 mins with the new charger but it feels alot better. I saw 8000 rpms in slight chop which I haven't seen since wet suit weather and it burns the prop out of the hole like a mother ****er. I will get some gps numbers this week. The ski now feels like it should have come from the factory. Anybody considering a drop in fan should just do it. I can only imagine how much more fun it will be once I put the prop in so it hooks from a dig.