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    2002 GP1200R Problems..not running right...Bogging?

    I have a 2002 GP1200R. I took it out today for the first time this year. When I put it on the water I putted around for a minute, then hit it and stuttered for a second and then shot off perfectly. Went straight for the dock and hit 56mph. I then slowed down to idle for a few seconds and then hit it again and it ran like crap, couldnt get it to hit 25mph, it acted like it was bogging down. It ran like that the rest of the day so just put it up. Is there anything common to check with these motors. I know a lot about 2-stroke dirt bikes but not jet ski's...Before I hit the lake, I drained the gas and put new in, as well as ran it a few times at the house with the water hose hooked up.

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    Check your compression

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    One last thing. when I was driving it back to the boat ramp, it bogged down, died, and started. Did the exact same thing a couple of times and then the 3rd time, the battery was dead as a doornail....I would understand if I had to crank it and crank it to get it to start, but it started pretty easily......Also is there any way to check the PV?...Last note....The RPM's cant seem to exceed 5000rpm in the water, they will hit 7000-7500 out of the water...
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    after you check your comp, if that comes up ok i would start looking at the carbs...was it stored away for the off season properly?

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    7500rpm out of the water.... yeah, thats good for it...

    Does your PV motor work?

    Have you ever rebuilt your carbs?

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    How do you check the PV? Can you just blip the starter and see if the cables move? I am not sure if the carbs have ever been rebuilt. I do know that it hasnt happened in the last 3 years.

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    yes, blip the starter and look at the engine. You should hear an electric motor noise and see the PV couplers move.

    If you have an 02, it might be time to rebuild the carbs... especially if its been in saltwater at all.

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    The rear cylinder is gone. pulled the heads off and it is gone. The oil injection line came off of the carb...There are shavings all in the bottom end, and the lower skirt on the cylinder is broken off. I am wondering how much a rebuilt motor will run because I believe that the bottom end might be shot....

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    about $1600+

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    So what would be the best way to go about this. I am 4 sure going to need a new cylinder(because of the broken skirt), and piston. Maybe a new crank. There are a 100hrs on the ski, what would you all do?

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