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    waverunner loosing power

    I just became the owner of a 2000 waverunner suv. I got caught in a pretty nasty storm last weekend and the next time I took it out it ran fine for about 10 minutes and then it began to loose power. It would slow and then quit. After a rest I could get it started but it would slowly stall. After I got towed in, I noticed 2 of the hoses that connect the oil/fule to where the throttle cable connects were off. (oil in the bilge) I reconnected them but now when I run it, it still runs for a period of time and looses power. Top speed is 40 now as compared to 55 from before the hoses were off. Do I have to bleed the lines that have come off? What do I need to do? Any info would be great

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    Sounds like you lost your oiling and maybe toasted the motor. Check compression.

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    I'm kind of a nube. How would I check the compression? When we start it at first, all seems well, ... we start off in a no wake zone so we can't just floor it from there. Sounded like it was either misfireing or sputtering yesterday and kind of evened out but low rpms and low speed.

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    You lost the lubrication to the motor and have squeeked your pistons time for a overhaul. get a compression tester from any autoparts store and check cylinder compression. should be around 120 on all three if it is good.

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