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    97 xp vts problem

    I have a 97 xp 800 that recently lost some of the range of motion on the trim. The trim motor works, but will only go up about 3/4ths of the way, it will tilt down all the way, I checked for obstructions, etc.. but dont seem to see any blatant issues, I am only going by the gauge reading, so I am
    not sure if its a gauge issue or if something would prevent the actual trim
    from pointing up all the way? Thanks for any help!!

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    Try running the trim up on the trailer to the highest point the gauge reads, then see if the nozzle continues to go up when you try it again. If not, then it could be the wrong length trim rod installed on your ski.

    The gauge and postion magnet in the VTS housing normally either works or it doesn't.

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    I don't think its the wrong rod as it has always worked fine.
    I am going to look closer this week and see if the rod possibly
    came out of adjustment, did not look like it as everything looked
    ok at first glance but you never know.

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