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    96 slt780 no spark

    i have a slt780 w/out spark. stator tests good. i was wondering if there are any testing procedures for the cdi box as there are not any in the polaris manual for the fuji engines, only for the pvl ones(or am i looking past it?). let me know how to check it our or if it is possible. i hate to shotgun a cdi box at this and not have it work. thanks for the help

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    Make absolutely sure you have a healthy, fully charged battery.

    You MUST have at least 10.6 volts at the battery during cranking, and a decent battery should deliver over 11.0 volts during cranking.

    Put a multi-meter on the battery posts, and confirm the voltage is 11 volts or better while cranking.

    A weak battery is probably the number one reason for a no-spark problem.

    Next, clean and check both ends of both the battery negative and positive cables.

    If the battery is good, the stator is good, and there are no problems with the wiring (no corrosion or loose connections, nothing disconnected or connected wrong inside the electrical box), then the CDI may well be bad.

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    No way to test the CDI. Make sure all other components are working and tested first.
    Check coils?
    Check Spark PLug Wires and/or ends?
    When testing the stator did you check to see if it actually pulses and not just pass the ohms tests?
    Verify 600 ohms from battery negative post to spark plug ends.

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