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    Correct OIL and Gas for an 07 SXR?

    Just picked up a cherry stand up. Of course there is no manual.
    What type of oil(premix) and what octane fuel?
    TWC3 or API-TC JASO FC etc?

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    TCW3 is what I used when I worked at the dealership and had to PDI an 07 SXR. I have excellent luck with Maxima Marine Pro 2 stroke oil and it's all I use. I have been using it with all my old Kawi's and my Sea-Doo since I owned my SX650. I ran that for 8 years on the Maxima and all 3 years (and counting) of owning my Sea-Doo

    Oh and for fuel I think you're ok with a minimum of 87 octane but I always found my 650 ran much better on 91. I'm quite sure if I remember correctly the owner's manual on your ski said that it's safe to run the 87.
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    No one has a an SXR?

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    hey you might want to try posting over at our sister site for standups its on the left Freeriders x-h20 just click on it and you will find all the answers you need

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    Use at least a synthetic/petroleum blend that is API TCW3.

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