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    1200 head... Need help

    Okay well just got my head back from the guy that built my motor again. and im still at 125 psi(gained about 5 from what ever he did)... Are these heads hard to mill or something or is this guy beating me around the bush.

    What would you do... Ask for some money back. send head off again, ect.

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    ask for some kind of compensation and just send it to lowell.

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    How much does that cost.

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    if you say you can mill a head you should be able to mill a head

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    thats stock compression for this motor so unless you asked for more compression thats right on.

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    I asked for 150 psi, Sent him my head to have it redone becuase it was 120 befor and sent me head back and new gasket but still same compression.

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    are you running new rings? remember compression will come up a bit with break in. also to answer your first question yes these are not the best head to machine only a few reputable shops will do these. Pro-tec would not cut mine yet they will cut the GPR head. I had both mine done at GroupK they know there stuff on these heads.

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    Motor should be broken in, it has about 10-12 hours cant rember but around there so def should be broken in, The guage is brand new the one im using. Ill try my dads snap on but i really dont think ill notice 25 psi more

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    Was the porting done while the rebuild was done. If you raised the exaust ports any, this would lower compression. So a 150psi head would then only have 120 psi because of the raised ports.
    On my raider with stock cylinders the compression is around 210psi. with ported cylinders im down to 165.
    I only asked because thats what it says in you signature.

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    Yes it was ported and polished.

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