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    Strange Oil Level, FXHO 2008!?

    Hi everyone!

    I just experienced something interesting during the engine oil change after the initial 10 hour of operation of my new FX Cruiser HO, and want to check with you guys if anyone have an explanation.

    Well, before doing anything I checked the "old" oil level and it was on the Full mark on the dipstick. Then I started to emptying the oil from the dry sump container. Here starts the strange things... I was able to suck out about 2.9 US qt instead of the 2.22 US qt according to the owners manual. There were two small "holes" on each side of the container at the bottom of it which I was able to find with the tube, and I guess that explains why I was able to suck out more oil than expected!?
    Anyway, here comes the interesting part! I then added the same amount of new oil back into the dry sump and checked the oil level with the original dipstick. The level was again exactly on the Full mark as before the change. So far so good!
    Just to make sure everything was OK, I started the engine (on land with my garden hose connected) and had it running for about 5 minutes. Everything was fine, so I turned the water off and stopped the engine. Now I checked the oil level again. This time the oil level was about 0.7 US qt (1 inch) above the Full mark on the dipstick!!!??

    Where is the additional oil suddenly coming from??
    Could it have anything to do with the oil cooler?? Please, any ideas or similar experiences are very much appreciated!


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    Case Closed

    I sucked the oil excess out down to the Full mark, took the Cruiser out for a real spin and checked the oil level afterwards. The level was still on Full on the dipstick...
    Don't ask me what happened during the oil change, but I start to believe that someone is playing games with me!!?
    Case closed!

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    Same thing happened to me took out and added to the same mark and road it then it showed 1\4 inch over the full mark drained it some and all is ok

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