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    Beeping /whistling Noise

    Well i figured out today what i Have been hearing for awhile now ... I been hearing this wierd low whistling tone that I cant really describe but anyway it was my safety whistle ..LOL ... So dont laugh because I talked to atleast one other person from this board that heard the same noise and it was the whistle ....

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    i chased this around for WEEEEEEKS last year, and it was my whistle on my life jacket

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    hmmmm LOLLLLL
    I haven't find mine yet. I siliconed the whole front windshield because I thought it was it

    I'm going to take my whistle off next time I hear it LOL

    I have that "loudest whistle in the world" one too. I bet just a little air....

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    LMAO !! I read the post and begin chuckling. Robin said she'd done the same thing-- looked all around for the noise and finally decided it was her whistle.

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    I was cracking up guys and knew I had to post this asap !!!

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