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    '99 Ultra 150 - Starter stuck on

    After riding for a few hours today, my starter will not shut off? Will I need to replace the starter, or does this have a seperate solenoid?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    They do have a solenoid and the internal plunger is probably stuck in the energized state keeping your starter cranking. It could also be the start switch, check to make sure it's not stuck in making constant contact. Don't allow the starter to crank for more than 3 or 4 seconds. There's a lot of amperage going through a starter and they heat up quickly. Continually holding the start button for longer than a few seconds will quickly burn up a starter, or in your case...allowing the starter to run on it's own.

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    Thanks. I checked the start button, that does not appear to be the problem. I took the housing apart and separated the contact plate from the starter button. As soon as I turn the ingnition back on the starter keeps cranking. I only let it crank breifly. So that should rule out the starter button sticking.

    Would the next step bee to remove the starter and check the plunger on the solenoid?

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    The solenoid should be seperate from the starter. Unfortuantely you can't physically remove the plunger to inspect it. All you can do it test the contact points for continuity. To find the solenoid, just simply follow the red cable off the starter back to where ever it goes, that lead is mounted on the solenoid.

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    Arnold, thanks for the reply.

    If I determine that the solenoid is bad, can you recomend somewhere to order a new one?

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    Hmm...honestly I think the dealer is the best place. I'm not sure what your solenoid looks like so I am very limitted on suggestions. But I have heard of people doing some small mods to retro fit solenoids from the auto industry. I would be a bit paranoid to use that route just because they're not as well sealed Kawi is pretty good with their prices. It shouldn't be too much of a dent in the wallet

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    It is located in the small gray electrical case behinde the battery. There is a yellow wire with a red stripe soldered to the top of the relay. If there is 12v there the button is stuck. if not then the relay is stuck. I think it is $47 from kawi.

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