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Thread: Bow Eye Removal

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    Bow Eye Removal

    How in the hell do you remove the bow eye located on the fron tof the ski. I am not sure how it happened but mine cracked and now I cant secure it to the trailer with the eye. Just to be clear this is the bow eye on the front of the ski not the eyes on the rear for attaching ropes.

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    IF you can get the top and bottom bolts out without breaking them it will be a miracle. I had to replace one on an old ski of mine and both bolts broke off. If they break, you will have to cut the inner liner behind the hook, remove the inserts, and replace with new ones. Then you will have to put the piece of the liner that you cut out back in. Its not a hard job, but it is VERY aggrevating.

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    Thanks the link helped. I forgot to mention it before but the ski is a, 01 GP1200R so it looks like I will need to cut a hole in the second layer to get to the inserts from the inside.

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    I was also trying to remove mine and bolts are very tight and not coming out so inserts are more than likley spinning. Can I just leave it alone or will it take water in. I really wanna go out the next couple weekends but I dont have time to deal with this. Will it be ok?

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