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    WTB: parts for my sl650: 3 outlet fuel pump, ride plate, grate, etc...

    i'm looking for the following parts for my 93 sl650:

    ~a 3 outlet fuel pump. i would rather pick up a good condition used one and help out someone who is parting than to buy new.

    ~aftermarket ride plate, intake grate & aftermarket flame arrestor; cheapest seller gets my money.

    ~anything to install a factory fuel gauge.

    ~any kind of aftermarket parts. send me a pm or post, i will most likely b interested.

    paypal only! Unless local to Rochester NY.

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    "CHEAP" can very well get you someone elses "JUNK". Especially on the fuel pump!! Make sure whatever you buy is in good used condition or it will end up costing you more in the long run then buying new!!

    Good Luck


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    Welcome to the Hulk Navx.

    Get a new triple outlet pump. It's only around $28. (contact John Zigler)

    There's a few plates, grates and F/A's on Ebay currently.

    What do you mean factory gauge? Speedometer, fuel gauge, or Multi Function Display?

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    thanks kevin.

    i do have new pumps, and many other parts here, but sorry, i DO NOT accept pay pal.

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    i did see a bunch on ebay. i'm bidding on one.

    looking for a factory, analog style fuel gauge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by navx View Post
    i did see a bunch on ebay. i'm bidding on one.

    looking for a factory, analog style fuel gauge.

    i've got a polaris analog fuel guage for sale...make me a offer and i'll let ya know...

    i also might have a modified op rideplate for the sl hull, i'll check tomorrow and see if i got it yet

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    pmed you

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