Well I am done messing with this ski now. I have had the motor rebuilt (787 stock).it has about 2 hrs on it..carbs just completely done..new hydroturf seat..new rub rails..bumpers..incerts..new napa fuel lines..custom gas and oil fills..cup holder added to where pit cock was..beach house sponsons..hydroturf mats..new gel cell battery..It has custom paint which is just silver and black and then I did had graphics put on to match my truck, but they can be easily removed.

Now after all that I still cannot get the ski to work on the water..I have checked the stator..rectifer..all that and its all good. It is something simple I am sure, but I don't have the time and have lost interest in the ski. I would like to move on to fixing up my 06 rxp so any additions you have for that ski that you would like to throw in as a part trade I may take. I have no price really on the ski, because like most, I have way more invested then the ski is worth and I don't expect to get half of what I have in it out of it. I just want it gone. I have most all the reciptes for everything I have had done. Shoot me some offers. I am not against meeting people half way.