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    1998 1100ZXI bad piston

    I just got a side job on a friends ski and I am new to Kawa's. I tore it down and found that the piston(mag side) ring caught on the exhuast port and broke off. It ended up getting trapped in tjhe combustion chamber and now the top of the piston and the head are trashed (looking for a used head if someone has one FS), also trashing the cylinder wall. I heard that I might be able to just sleeve the block, versus having to bore it out to a bigger piston. If it can be re-sleeved, where can I buy a new sleeve? The guy is wanting to get it back on the water the cheapest way possible. Thanks in advance. Please help.

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    I think your best bet is to bore it. It's cheap to bore, it's quick and pistons to match will be the same price as new stock sized pistons. I checked with the fische and they didn't seem to offer any replacement sleeves. Not sure if that's still optional and it can be resleeved but most machines getting close to the 2000 mark started going with coated cylinders because it's relatively durable, cheap to have done, less engine weight and no need to maintain a parts inventory...there again money saving. Pretty sad really, we pay through the nose for something and they skimp and cut corners giving us cheaply made machines to save a few bucks. I think boring it is the fastest and most inexpensive way to get back on the water.

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    Yea, I would just bore it as well. Some will say that you can't bore one cylinder on a 2 stoke, but I have had a reputable engine builder tell me that it wont hurt a thing. Plus it would cost more to bore and re-sleeve than to just bore out to the next available size.

    Are you sure that the head can't be cleaned up and reused?

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