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    1995 780 slx in limp mode

    I have been reading some of the forums and my 95 slx 780 is in the limp
    mode. I pulled the gray wire and it runs fine. I have checked fuel,oil, and
    temp sensors like everyone discribes. The MFD seems to be working fine
    all level bars rise when adding fuel or oil but when I plug the gray wire back in down goes the rpms again. I also found alot of oil in the mufffler silencer and don't know how long it's been there or got there. I pulled oil lines off and cranked engine over with lanyard off and not much of any oil comes out. Is this another problem or tied to the limp mode problem?
    carbs were cleaned new plugs installed. engine runs fine if gray wire off.

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    780 Limp Mode


    I had the same problem and eventually just grounded the gray wire, could not get it going any other way. Sometimes it would be fine, other days just stay in limp mode. I suspect the module (not CDI) where the wire connects, but could not source a spare to do some testing.

    I did however connect a buzzer between +12v and the temp sensor, so the buzzer will warn in case of overheating. Else, there is no danger in keeping that darn wire off !



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