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    problem with 06' gpr

    I took out my gpr on wednesday and while i was riding it would just turn off on me, i checked the battery and i checked if anything was loose but everything looked fine to me so i took it out once more and it did it agian, but everytime it turns off it turns right back on, you guys have any ideas on why its doing this. The only thing i have done is the d-plate.

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    Do a compression check, it may be seizing up.

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    i'll check the compression after work today

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    Does it just die when you left off the gas or even while on throttle?

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    Yeah it die's on me when im holding down the throttle half way

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    i have an 05 1300r and mine just started doing the same thing saturday and all i have done is a d plate also. was just getting ready to post same problem. mine only has 46 hrs on it. thanks for any help on this

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    does it display a code for anything?

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    ya mine does the warning light comes on and the i guess its the temp signal coming on but pulled the seat off and i can lay my hand on the exhauset and head all day long so i dont think its getting hot , i have no idea what the hell is wrong

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    With mine no warning light comes on, and i get no error message but yesterday when i tried to do a compression test the battery died on me, so now i have it charging, do u guys think it could just be that the battery was low on juice??

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    i think this same problem happened to Suthrn. look his posts up and you should find it

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