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    Seems like my vts is not working. Should this work without the ski running? or does it need to be fired up to check it? Thanks.

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    what year ski??
    on my 93 xp it does have to be running to work the vts.
    if your testing the unit you can unplug it and rig up a pair of wires to test it.
    use one for positive (+) and the other for negative (-) I cant remember off hand what the plug looks like but you can touch the wires to the terminals in the vts plug (not the plug on the ski end of the harness) if the motor is good the vts should run in one direction ot the other..
    you might want to look at the vts housing mine was cracked allowing the vts shaft to turn in the housing and not move the nozzle..
    if this is the case you might be able to fix it by putting a small hose clamp around the cracked housing (that's how I fixed mine) just run the vts using the test method to make sure the hose clamp clears the housing.

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    mine is a 95 so it probably the same. Thanks for the advice. I will test it before I take it all apart.

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    on my '94 xp you can press the start button without the lanyard attached and it will turn the power on for about 30 seconds that should give you enough time be able to check the operation of the VTS. I think that it is the same for your Doo.

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    I'll give that try, thanks Pirate

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    I haven't even used my '96 XP for a couple of seasons. I am getting it ready to ride, and the VTS isn't working at all. In fact, I don't think it was working a few seasons ago.

    I opened the VTS box for the first time EVER.'s only been 12 years. The components are pretty corroded. The wires were corroded of the connectors broke when pulling them apart. I am not horribly surprised......the hull has been flooded from people forgetting to put the plug in, etc. in the past. Based on appearances, it may be time for a new VTS motor.

    But, I will check the fuses first. Are they in the front electrical box (light grey)?

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    there are two in the rear and two in the front i believe

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    The fuse for the VTS on the 95 xp is the 7.5 amp in the front box.

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    I don't see any fuses at all in the VTS box nor in the coil box in the rear. Are there fuses hidden there somewhere? I will be opening the front box later to see what is in there.

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    Is there a way to remove or at least free up the light grey electrical box in the front of the '96 XP? I am trying to get into to it to check the fuses for the VTS system, but can barely get it open enough in the hull to see what is in there. into the front electrical box. There are two fuses; 15 and 5. Both are fine.

    So, if the fuses in the front are fine (and I don't see any other fuses in the rear), and the VTS motor and other innards have experienced some substantial corrosion, can I assume the problem lies there? How do I know if it is the motor, or box components, or both?
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