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    Advice or help inspecting a used 05 RXT in Pomona, CA?

    I am seriously considering purchasing a used ski from a private party found on craigslist. I have talked with the seller and am arranging a meeting with the seller on Tuesday evening or Wednesday afternoon.

    I need some advice or help in inspecting the ski, the ski is in Pomona, CA.

    It is a 2005 RXT, green and black and has 27 hours on it, an extended warranty, and comes with the trailer.

    Some issues I am having in the process are following:

    1. The cluster guage has a cracked seal and the electronic portion of the cluster has condensation and will not display information and therefore because the hours are kept in the electronic area, I have no way of knowing whether or not he is telling the truth about the hours. I already know I can drop another cluster guage in for $350-$725.

    (Further will the extended warranty cover this piece)

    2. The seller claims it has the extended warranty but cannot find the paper work that verifies this (he is still looking). If he cannot find any paper work, is there still a way to get the warranty to transfer to me or a location to go to that will verify that a tranferable warranty actually exists on the ski?

    3. He was upfront and told me the trailer had a little rust on it; he was not able to send any pictures of the trailer but did send me some of the ski which I will attach (I had to put them into word doc, because he sent them to me in bitmap and I could not upload those to this site). Is slight rust on a trailer a big deal?

    The seat you may notice in the pictures is not a stock seat, he claims it is a better aftermarket seat the dealer included in the purchase, let me know if this is correct.

    Also this is the first ski that I will be purchasing new or used, what other things do I need to look for before I purchase it?

    Also, payment wise the guy is asking for cash, is that reasonable or should it be a money order or cashiers check?

    I really appreciate any and all help or advice for the inspection that anyone can offer, I really being out on the water and want to make sure I am not walking into a problem ski. Thanks in advance for your help. I am more than happy if anyone is local and would like to check it out with to have you along as well. This site is awesome for guys like me.

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    I would inspect the ski and get some information. First off write down the HIN number(Right side back cornor of the ski, will start with CA). LAter after the inspection but before purchase, conct Shibby, he works at a dealership and should beable to check on the current warrarty, and any previous warratry work.

    Next take a screwdriver and pliers along and check the SC impeller for slip(it should turn slightly then stop), Also look for the lift points on the engine they are couple of loops made of metal painted black, if he says there was no warrantry work done to the ski, they should show no signs of use, like scratches and chipped paint. Of course check the oil for color(should be amber with no metallic flakes in it, flakes are really bad) Check the interior of the hull for signs of leaks and discoloration. If all checks out go for it.

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    First of all...DO NOT TAKE THE CASH WITH YOU TO LOOK AT THE SKI. If you feel like you need to take it (just in case) hide it in the car so it cannot be found (under a back seat floor mat or something).

    Meet in a public place, where there are plenty of people around.

    I know I sound a bit anal, but having a law enforcement background, I see a lot of things. So my advise is:

    Do NOT pay cash. If you end up wanting the ski, tell him you will take it, but want a paper trail so would like to pay with cashier's check, etc. If he is eager to sell it he will agree. Remember buying a vehicle should be a negotiable situation. You can dress half-way decent so that he is more septable to accepting your cashier's check offer. Don't over dress like you have too much money and don't need to negotiate the price. If he refuses the cashier's check offer, no big deal. Tell him you will go to the bank and get xxx dollars in sequencial bills. I understand not wanting to accept a personal check, but cash only???

    Take Darth's advise. Look at the motor hooks for rub marks, chip paint and scartches. That would tell you if the engine has been pulled for anything. Defintily look at the SC AND oil for color and clarity. That will tell you how the ski was taken care of. Black = bad. Debris = bad.

    Make him sign a memorandum of understanding saying that to the best of his knowledge there is 27 hours on the ski. If it is 29 or 30, that is not a big deal. But if it comes back that there is 72 hours on it, than the price of the ski may have been different. Just make sure you protect yourself as the buyer.

    Depending on when it was purchased, 27 hours can mean two different things. Either it was bought in 2005 and it has set for a long time, OR it was bought two months ago new as a left over.
    Warranty...Find out where the warranty was purchased. I bought my warranty from a dealer, but it was not a Seadoo warranty. It was an aftermarket warranty that a different dealership did not accept.

    Make sure you have your ducks in a row. Ask a lot of questions. If he seems to be honest and upfront with info, he will have no problem providing info. Remember you do not have to buy it. You as the buyer are in control. If you buy it, walk away with the warranty info.

    Do your research. Find similar models to compare and print that out to take with you. That will help you compare price to models and conditions.

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    Let's see,

    seller has a damaged meter so ski won't show actual hours,
    seller can't find the warranty...

    What's he asking for it?
    Call a local dealer let them trace the HIN.
    If it doesn't have the Seadoo (B.E.S.T.) warranty I would pass.
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    I will be sure it has the BEST warranty!

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