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    Advice or help inspecting a used 05 RXT in Pomona, CA?

    I am seriously considering purchasing a used ski from a private party found on craigslist. I have talked with the seller and am arranging a meeting with the seller on Tuesday evening or Wednesday afternoon.

    I need some advice or help in inspecting the ski, the ski is in Pomona, CA.

    It is a 2005 RXT, green and black and has 27 hours on it, an extended warranty, and comes with the trailer.

    Some issues I am having in the process are following:

    1. The cluster guage has a cracked seal and the electronic portion of the cluster has condensation and will not display information and therefore because the hours are kept in the electronic area, I have no way of knowing whether or not he is telling the truth about the hours. I already know I can drop another cluster guage in for $350-$725.

    (Further will the extended warranty cover this piece)

    2. The seller claims it has the extended warranty but cannot find the paper work that verifies this (he is still looking). If he cannot find any paper work, is there still a way to get the warranty to transfer to me or a location to go to that will verify that a tranferable warranty actually exists on the ski?

    3. He was upfront and told me the trailer had a little rust on it; he was not able to send any pictures of the trailer but did send me some of the ski which I will attach (I had to put them into word doc, because he sent them to me in bitmap and I could not upload those to this site). Is slight rust on a trailer a big deal?

    The seat you may notice in the pictures is not a stock seat, he claims it is a better aftermarket seat the dealer included in the purchase, let me know if this is correct.

    Also this is the first ski that I will be purchasing new or used, what other things do I need to look for before I purchase it?

    Also, payment wise the guy is asking for cash, is that reasonable or should it be a money order or cashiers check?

    I really appreciate any and all help or advice for the inspection that anyone can offer, I really being out on the water and want to make sure I am not walking into a problem ski. Thanks in advance for your help. I am more than happy if anyone is local and would like to check it out with to have you along as well. This site is awesome for guys like me.

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    1. I doubt the cluster will be covered by warranty. You can buy a used one on this board probably.

    2. Call the dealer with the VIN and they should be able pull up the warranty info.

    3. Hard to say about the trailer without seeing it. You dont want it to break and the ski hit the pavement but if you are getting a good enough deal, you can get a used trailer cheap, a few hundered bucks

    4. Cash is fine if he has the title. Make sure you print up a bill of sale and check the VIN on the ski against the VIN on the title.

    5. Seat looks like a stock seat with a nice seat cover.

    Ride the ski and make sure the RPMs are near 8000 or 8100. If not, then the washers may have gone in the charger. You can do a search on ceramic washers to get more info.

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    ask him if you could take it out for a test ride. Odds are if he has nothing to hide, he will be o.k. with it. Puddingstone lake is right there by pomona so you could ride there.

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    I check the lake website it say the max MPH is 35, but if I get the ski to max RPM I will destroy the speed limit.

    Will the Montclair shop be able to put the ski in a tank and run it to check the RPMs?

    Can dealerships run a full diagnostic test on the ski and tell me any issues the ski might have?

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    A local dealer ship can do it all for around $230 (lake and computer hook up)

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