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    2008 rxtx

    Okay i found a rxtx for 12000 is that a good price?? He also said that you get 1000 dollars back, does this mean i have to go threw some long process to get a 1000 rebate? And it also comes with the 1000 dollar gas card or 3 year extended warranty... No cover or trailer.. He is going to give me 5000 for my 2005 seadoo gtx sc, i thought that it was a good price, is it a good price?? My ski has 46 hrs on it fresh water use only.. Oil changed, coolant changed last season... No scratches 2 rubs on the rub guard...

    Thanks, Dylan

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    I got my t-x here in socal for 12,700 otd. this included a swim step installed. the deal at the time was 3.9%interest for the life of the loan. No one else at the time would match it, so I am pretty happy with it. I think 12K is awesome! I think you can get a little more for your 05 ski tho.

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    I think im gonna run it at the auction this week to see what it brings there.. How much would it cost to install the step??? If they dont include it in the price... I will have to pay 200 for the cover...

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    If he said that he would give you $5-k for your ski, make sure you keep the cover and the trailer. You can use both on the new ski, or sell the cover on eBay. And take off anything mods that can be used on the new ski like the wedge... Ron

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    Nice price if it's OTD

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