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    Hydro Turf - which style, and with or without mat?

    My mats are heavily worn on my '91 SuperJet. I am thinking of replacing them, and HydroTurf is the only replacement pad I am familiar with. Are there others worth considering?

    Which style works best for grip on a SuperJet? (grooved, cut diamond, molded diamond, etc.) Does it matter whether you are barefoot or wearing shoes?

    I would think the pad for underneath the hydroturf would be nice to have on a stand-up. True? And if so, which thickness?

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    As I have two skis I would like to hydroturf, how difficult is it to buy a bulk sheet and cut it yourself? If it isn't too tough, maybe can save myself a few bucks for gas.

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    I just spoke to HydroTurf; they say that the die cut mats (cut groove, cut diamond) have better traction than the molded mats (molded diamond), but also that the molded mats are more durable/last longer. Does anyone concur or disagree with this?

    I have an all white superjet (OEM stickers gone)...thinking about the black and white marbled color. Has anyone used this? How does it look?

    I read on the board that Green Hulk members get a 15% discount when ordering directly from Hydro-Turf. Can anyone verify this?

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