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    95 vs 96 multi function display

    I have 95' display ~ retails for about $375.

    The 96' display ~ retails for about $167. Which i'm about to order from 4-tec.

    Will the 96' display work on a 95' ski? (don't care about oil level, and don't have a dream-o-meter).


    (and i've seen that the GP displays will work but those are $600.)
    From pics i've seen on ebay and net, the 96 'looks' same as 95.

    Edi: Nevermind,
    that was for the RA700BU (i have 700ra), and for the 96,97 models it was offered with ONLY the oil level indicator. Which i think is pretty cheesy. I think i'll toss a digital water temp gage on there, and put in LED on the Thermo Switch, and keep running it.... after i fill my new hole in the dashboard.
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