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    96 xp ported and polished

    i have a gel battery in the ski. its not worth a dam.... i need a battery with higher cranking amps... anyone out there no what kind of battery i should get.

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    just dont over charge the gel battery you will kiss the money goodbuy

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    I use the Oddessy PC625 battery on al my 800 motors.

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    I thought I was going to read about some mod work done when I seen the thread title
    I have never had bad luck with a Yausa CB16CL-B. It turned over my 92 SX650 for 8 years straight! It was due on the 9th year. The 96 XP800 requires the same battery number so Yausa will be my next one. I have tried Champion once and Energizer twice (the second was covered by warranty) and both brands only held up for 5 or 6 weekends of use.

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    Any Gel battery works great for high compression setups. I prefer and use the Deka ETX16L.

    Find a local dealer by entering your zip code here-

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    Deka are good

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